Poems I Wrote

This is where I put the poems written by me, LFC.


Do not forget that we were once gods, please, scratch my ears, yes, just so, and that we had the power of life and death and oh, is that salmon? I do love salmon, yes, just a little bit from near the tail, it crunches, and that when we died we were mummified just like human beings, I love it when you leave your coat on the floor! 


I know that if I try enough doors, if I am patient, that summer will be outside one of them, that the sun will warm my back and the smells of flowers and earth will float up to find me.  I know that if I try enough doors, I will find what I need; and that if I do not find it, it will be because I gave up, not because summer wasn’t outside a door–somewhere, even if it was only one–waiting for me.


They came and went, taking things that smelled like home – she was the only one who saw me in the dim beneath the desk, the only one who bent to say hello, as best she could.  I kissed her fingers, hoping that the cat I smelled on them, the ginger cat I smelled on her, would not bite her when he smelled me; would take it as I meant it, as another bit of me moved from my house to his.  Just another bit of me given up to strangers.







11 Responses to “Poems I Wrote”

  1. If cats are poets, what are dogs?

  2. Canines? ;)

  3. I am putting out a lovely bowl of cream for you for these. You are the smartest, loveliest cat.

  4. Oh wow! I didn’t notice these. They are indeed fabulous. Thanks for pointing them out.

  5. *winds affectionately around Jane’s ankles* And you are the most well above average Jane!

    Stickman, I am glad to have written a poem that you like. ;)

  6. Faith opens many doors, welcome little one.

  7. And I am glad Faith has opened this one! Welcome to you in return! :)

  8. How did I miss these ????

  9. It’s easy to miss something sitting very very quietly in a corner. ;)

  10. I was wondering if you could set up some sort of system so when your publish a new article, i get emailed to alert me?

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