A Very Lazy Post…

…but you knew it was bound to happen sometimes.  Think of it as a “So You Want To Be A Cat” class lab.  :D   Enjoy! 


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  1. That was cute! Why can’t I come up with something clever like that when I video the pets?

  2. Because you have to catch them when they’re talking, of course! ;) I found one where the cat was saying hello-hello-hello (for real) as it ran down a hall at the camera. Spooky. I knew one that used to say “Mama”–but only to his female staff.

  3. Years ago, there was a stray in our neighborhood that would baby talk. I’m totally serious. It sounded like it was doing non-stop baby babble. We were all afraid of it. I personally was wondering if it was possessed. It would come sit by my window and talk to my inside cat until I thought I was going to have to call an exorcist.

    My daughter’s elementary school was about a half a block away, and it showed up in her classroom window one day and did the same thing. She said the teacher freaked out and called maintenance to chase it away because it wouldn’t leave.

  4. Sometimes I think there are vocal cord abnormalities–the way a cat’s vocal cords are arranged doesn’t normally allow for that. And if you get one that is imitative, maybe has a streak of Siamese–thereya go.

  5. Thanks to Corina’s blog roll, I’m finding friends all over!

    Very cute!

  6. Did you find yours on mine? ;)

  7. I did! Very cool!

  8. This is so funny. I think I’ll send it to a couple of humans who might appreciate it.

  9. Spike is one of those cats whose voice doesn’t seem to have fully developed — his meow is more like “ack,” and his yowls are straight out of “The Exorcist.” I should have named him Bill for the “ack” thing.

  10. But he doesn’t look like a Bill. And he’s not dead.

  11. I watched it without sound. I think computers should be seen and not heard.

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