Do Not Forget –

– kindness.

Flowers of the Heart

Sometimes, you just want to say “my life is better because you are here. Thank you for seeing me.” And you can do it with a purr, or a bump, or some other way – but the important thing is to take the moment and say it.

Humans Do Not Fight Properly

Not for the most part, anyway. You fight on and on, without stopping to wash each other or play or plan.  I like this story about one warrior taking care of another one. :)

On Food

Here’s the thing – a hungry cat is a mean cat.

Look at these pictures and tell me the cat the writer is pitying is not plotting to have a fine seagull meal.  16 years is old, but it is also wise, and sweet revenge only takes one jump, if it’s the right one.

My People Like To Play With Balls

I’m just sayin’.

I’ve Said It Before . . .

. . . but it bears repeating. Your younglings are yours, no matter where they come from.


Ocelots are very rare. Humans used to kill them for their coats. Now, they make robots of them.  ;)

I Thought It Was Called A Pride

But apparently not.

I Knew A Cat

. . . who looked like these once. He was very friendly, but he fell down a lot.

–with thanks to @salamicat, from the site the birds made.

I Would Like Wings

Or a dragon.